Interview questions for Lecturer

A good lecturer is able to inspire all his students with his words and allows them to think freely and ask questions. If you are a lecturer and are terrified about appearing for an interview, then here are some tips that will help you to face an interview for lecturer post.

1. What qualities of their professors do students appreciate the most?

•Subject knowledge.
• Approachable
• Personal interest in their performance.
• Honesty and Character
• Dynamisms

2. How would you ensure an active participation from students in your class?

A sample answer can be something like, “At times it becomes quite challenging to get all the students involved in the discussions. Some students shy away from speaking publicly, some don’t know the answer, some have a fear of being wrong etc.

3. What type of classroom management structure would you implement if you were hired?

They Want to Know: Your interviewer is interested in how you would handle a classroom, particularly if class sizes are large in their school.

4.  If a student criticizes you in the class, what would you do?

Well, as a professor, I understand that some students may get agitated and criticize us. However, as a teacher, I know that I already have a power over them which I would not misuse by shutting them down. In such a case, I try to see what the student is trying to say rather than his tone. The tone may agitate me back. I ask him for the facts for his argument.

5. How have you used, or how will you use, technology in the classroom?

Interactive classroom technologies have transformed learning over the past decade. Be ready to describe your familiarity with common tools like Smart Boards.

6.  How would you prevent the use of mobile phones in your class?

Students need to be explained that paying attention to the phones means they are compromising on learning. It is a medium of distraction to everyone around. Many colleges have a prohibition policy with a penalty attached to it.
For example: If you use a phone in the class, you would have to leave the classroom etc.

Students need to understand that they need to conduct themselves appropriately and policies lay down a foundation of what kind of behavior is expected from the students.

As a professor, I would explain the students that I find using phones in class disrespectful and I would appreciate if students refrain from doing so

7. What approach or strategy do you use to learn new information?

This question addresses whether you consciously think about individual learning styles – both your own and those of your students.
I find I learn new material best by writing down notes as I read or as I am listening to someone giving a lecture.

8. Why did you choose to be a professor?

As a professor, you need to have passion for learning and also expert level knowledge. Professors have a chance to shape their students future. They influence the students in their daily life.

9. What characteristics do students want their teachers to possess?

Every teacher has a unique way of teaching, but different students thrive under different teaching styles, so it is vital that a teacher be adaptable. A good answer explains what characteristics you think are most important for a teacher to possess, how these traits benefit students and how you cultivate those qualities in yourself.
“I believe that students want their teachers to be dedicated and approachable and they can tell when a teacher doesn’t possess these qualities.

10. Would you be interested in leading any after-school activities?

Good schools are always looking for ways to enrich their students’ lives. Being willing to lead after-school activities like sports teams, clubs, or academic teams will be a strong point in your favor.
During the summer, I am the director of a theater camp offered by the art center in town. I would love to take part in any drama clubs or performances the children participate in throughout the year.

11. Show that you are well versed with modern developments in the field?

When facing an interview for a lecturers post ensure that you state in no uncertain terms that you are someone who is very up to date with modern developments in the field and that you ensure that you constantly keep studying so that at no point in time is the knowledge which you are delivering, outdated or not up to the mark.

12. What makes you a good fit for this school?

This question reveals whether you researched the school and district. If you’re wondering how to prepare for a teaching interview, conducting thorough research about the student body, how the community views the school, test scores and other aspects of the school district shows you’re serious about the position.
When answering this question, be sure to demonstrate your knowledge of both the school and its district. Explain why this information compels your interest in the institution. A strong answer could include information about recent test scores, specific programs or awards earned by the school.

13. What role does discipline play in teaching and what is your approach?

Teachers will have to handle issues with discipline from time to time, and how discipline is addressed is an especially important aspect of teacher interview questions and answers in elementary teaching. Discipline is a vital part of controlling a classroom and depends on the age of the students, district policies and teaching style. To answer this question, you should carefully describe your approach to discipline and how handling discipline correctly can affect the classroom.

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