Interview questions for IT fresher

The interviewers select a set of questions to gauge the candidate for the industry. The questions are devised to evaluate the knowledge and confidence of the candidate. Some of the questions are related to your field of expertise while others are designed to check your confidence and attitude. You may answer questions related to your field easily if you have subject knowledge.

You need to be careful about the general job interview questions. Answers to important interview questions like such are used to gauge you as a person and your attitude towards life.
However, as interviews can be a bit intimidating for some of us, we are here with a list of most common interview questions and answers to help you out. Just take a deep breath, relax, and read these interview questions and answers for freshers.

1. Tell me about your self?

I am a self-starter with strong interpersonal skills. I work efficiently both as an individual contributor as well as along with a team. I seek new challenges and try to think out-of-the-box while looking for creative solutions to a given problem. Besides the details given in my resume, I believe in character, values, vision, and action. I am a quick learner and believe in learning from my mistakes for I strongly feel that this virtue will take me ahead in life and career.”

2. Why have you chosen this field?

There are many people who select their profession after assessing their likes, dislikes and knowledge in different fields. But this is not the case with all students. There are youngsters who lack direction in life. These are individuals who are unable to identify their strengths early. They may choose a field just because it appears better than the rest. Questions regarding choice of a field can be challenging to such individuals.

3. What is your strength?

When the interviewer asks you about your strength, he is trying to gauge your confidence in your skills and abilities. You should be able to reveal through your words what your true strength is. This question should be carefully phrased. Interviewers are always eager to trap you with your answers. Frame your answer in such a fashion that they cannot counter question you. The interviewers are always looking for loopholes in your answers. Individuals who have experience working in the industry are aware of these tricks. They know how to tackle tricky questions. You must make sure you are confident and prepared for challenges.

4. What is your career goal?

This is one of the common questions posed in interviews. The interviewers are always curious to know your career goal and your dream career. They try to analyse from your replies whether you are a good choice for the particular job. Different questions they pose try to understand your liking for the industry you have chosen.

5. What is great failure in your life?

Once I was given the responsibility to enter client data into the system. I had done similar data entry work previously. I was given significant time to wrap up the task. I split the work according to my deadline. When just 2 days were left, I shut down the system without saving my work. I quickly realized the mistake and restarted the work just to finish it in time. Most of the lost data was recovered and I managed to complete the task successfully with a few mistakes. Thereon I have been observant on saving the work before shutting down my system. Although I am not proud of this callousness, it has improved me professionally as well as personally.”

6. Who is your mentor?

The interviewer wants to understand you as an individual. He wishes to understand whom you respect or take as a mentor. The interviewer tries to identify the ideology you stand for by asking this question. Prepare your answer in a fashion that does not give a hint of extremist ideology as it may act against you in the interview.

7. Why do you want this job?

To be honest, I think this organization can offer me with an environment where I can put my skills to the best possible use. I can use the knowledge which I have gained over the years and use it to make a major difference in my preferred field, as well as help this organization, grow collectively. What more can I ask for than this? To work in an atmosphere where I have the freedom to paint my own thoughts and bring out the best is really what I look forward to now, as my current organization does not provide much scope for freshers like me to do, but it’s also a great place to work. And particularly this job suits all my needs perfectly.

8. Can I trust you with responsibilities?

Yes, I am not only reliable but also a very dependable person. If a task is assigned to me, it will be dutifully handled and completed within the stipulated deadline.

9. What was the toughest decision you ever had to make?

When I was asked to step in as a temporary team leader for the first time, I still remember how I missed a couple of key communications from the manager. This pushed our deadlines back by 2 weeks. It was a great lesson and since then, I always make it a point to focus on the big-picture, instead of looking at smaller projects.

10. Do you believe in socialism or democracy?

This is another tricky question that is often posed to freshers during interviews. The interviewers try to gauge your understanding of different ideologies. Picking any particular ideology could be risky during an interview. The interviewer may be a staunch socialist and if you pick democracy, you may have a tough time putting your point across. You need to pick an amalgamation of different ideologies that help organisations function efficiently.

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