Interview questions for Web method consultant

1. What are consulting interviews?

When most people say “consulting interview”, it’s usually one of these two kinds:
• One is the “networking interview”, where you establish contact and relationship with working or former consultants, trying to get a foot in the door. Networking is usually done through formal events or informal connections, and it’s the first step to get into consulting firms.
• The other is the “consulting job interview” – consists of a fit interview and a case interview. Each of these parts also consists of predictable question types, which I’ve already broken down and discussed extensively in their corresponding articles (see below).

2. What Is Eai?

EAI or Enterprise Applications Integration can be defined as data that can be integrated from disparate applications regardless of the platform, allowing the sharing of business processes amongst multiple organizations.
What Are The Tools Of Webmethods Integration?

•webMethods Adapters
•webMethods Developer
•webMethods Integration Server
•webMethods Integration Platform
•webMethods Broker
•webMethods Monitor
•webMethods Optimize for Infrastructure
•webMethods Trading Networks
•webMethods EDI Module
•webMethods EDIINT
•webMethods eStandards Modules
•webMethods PIM

3. What Are The Major Categories Of Eai?

Integration can be at different application layers:
•Data Level Integration:
o Batch data transfer, OR
o On-line propagation of data updates
•API Level Integration:
o Data is accessed through published API services
•Service Method Level Integration:
o Common services shared by different applications
•User Interface Level Integration:The controller reacts to the user input. It creates and sets the model.
o Common user interface (e.g. web based) for unified access to multiple applications.

4. Tell me about yourself/Walk me through your resume?

Here’s when things get more serious – and slowly transition to the fit interview part.
The most common mistake for candidates in consulting and in general, is to ramble without any focus. Interviewers want answers relevant to the job and the firm in particular, not a 10-minute recital of everything you’ve done since high school.

5. What Are The Advantages Of Eai?

Advantages of EAI solutions are:
•Streamlines business processes and helps raise organizational efficiency.
•Real time information access among systems.
•Maintains information integrity across multiple systems.
•Speedier transactions at reduced costs.
•If one of the applications misbehaves and requires to be shut down for maintenance, then with EAI, we can easily “decouple” it from rest of the systems. Which avoids having to bring down other systems.

6. What Are The Main Companies Which Provide Eai Tools / Software?

•MQSeries (IBM)
•BizTalk (Microsoft)
•WebLogic (BEA)

7. What do you do in your free time?

Unlike the previous behavioral question, “personality questions” (I call them as such because usually interviewers ask these to explore who you are as a person) are nowhere near as tricky. Just be yourself.
With that said, this is an opportunity for you to show that you’re an interesting person (in a positive way), and that you demonstrate consulting attributes (achieving/leadership/problem-solving) in everything you do. 

8. What Is A Flow Service?

A flow service is a service that is written in the webMethods flow language. This simple yet powerful language lets you encapsulate a sequence of services within a single service and manage the flow of data among them.

9. What Is The Pipeline?

The pipeline is the general term used to refer to the data structure in which input and output values are maintained for a flow service. It allows services in the flow to share data.The pipeline starts with the input to the flow service and collects inputs and outputs from subsequent services in the flow. When a service in the flow executes, it has access to all data in the pipeline at that point.

10. What factors would you consider to address our client’s problem?

This is what I call “framework/issue tree question”. To answer them effectively, you need to understand the consulting problem-solving fundamentals, and master a few important case interview frameworks, and thoroughly grasp the MECE principle.
For this question I’ll use a hypothetical case of a fictional firm called “Eagle Aviation”. Eagle Aviation produces manned airplanes for military and civilian use.

11. What Is The Branch Operation?

Branch operation conditionally executes an operation based on the value of a variable at run time

12. What Is The Default Behaviour, If A Flow Exit Does Not Specify A “from”?

$loop will be assumed, and a com.wm.lang.flow.FlowException will be thrown if the EXIT is not in a LOOP
After A Default Installation, In Order To Use The Pub.file:getfile Service.

13. What Needs To Be Done?

pub.file:getFile does not require any modifications to the Integration Server.

14. How To Use Sequence As The Target Of A Branch?

Set evaluate label property of branch step to true. Then set the label property of sequence with the value on which it needs to be processed.

15. How much Earl Grey is drunk in Britain each year?

This is a “market-sizing question”, and it’s a subtype of a guesstimate question. The approach is the same – structure gets the priority, not accuracy – except here you need a bit more business intuition. Again, you use the same four steps as with guesstimate questions:
(1) clarify(2) break the problem down, (3) estimate each piece, and (4) consolidate.

16. How To Restore A Session On A Server?

Developer gets disconnected from the server if the server goes down or if there is a problem in the network. Donot close the developer.If you close the developer you wont be able to save the changes.Once the server come up or the network problem is resolved. you will be automatically connected to the server and then you can retsore your session.

17. How To Open A Session On A Different Server?

Select “session” from the menu in toolbar and click open. key in the server IP and port on which you have to open the connection.The user name and password on that server.

18. How Acls Affect Locking?

ACLS are used to give the authorization to the particular user groups.If u give ACL to administrator then the admin group users who are there in that group they can have the acess to that particular service.Otherwise we can not use it.This is called ACL locking.

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