Interview questions for ICICI bank

1. Explain Us About A Time When You Failed?

Be honest, give something that actually happened and is real. Choose something that is a failure but you were either able to salvage, fix or at the very least you’ve learned from. Focus on what you do now to prevent that failure in the future.

2. What’s your greatest strength?

The best way to respond to this question is to describe the skills and experience that you have which directly correlate with the job you are applying for. Therefore review the job description and reassure the interviewer that you have the experience skills to do the job.

3. What’s your greatest weakness?

The job site says hiring managers ask about your greatest weakness to evaluate your self-awareness. The interviewer wants to see if you can assess your current talents and identify areas for improvement. Giving an authentic answer lets them know you’re able, to be honest with yourself and others about how you can grow both as a person and a colleague.

4. Explain Us Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years?

This question is asked less and less because five years is an eternity. In certain professions it is an easy question. “I want to be (name your title). More likely you will say you want to advance to a level to have even greater responsibility, influence and impact. Always make it sound like you will still be with them for those five years just at a higher level and possibly in a new venture with them.

5. Explain Me About A Risk You Took In A Job?

Tell how you used your relationships within the organization to gain support or shift the thinking. It could be a new idea for training, product development or sales. Show how you presented it then how you worked around those that found it negative. Explain how you have used this experience to further improve.

6. Explain Me What Is It About Our Company That Appeals To You?

Don’t be afraid to talk about their reputation “On the Street” and how you are a good fit. If they are viewed as aggressive for example, talk about how that fits with you, or the interest in where this culture can take the business. Avoid sugar coating your comments as the finance industry is too sophisticated to accept simplistic answers that don’t represent a deeper understanding.

7. Why did you leave your last job? says interviewers ask this question for the following reasons
• Did you leave for a good reason?
• What are your work values?
• Did you leave voluntarily?
• When you left did you leave on good terms?
Here is a sample response,

I enjoyed my last job at Company XYZ, however, I felt growth was minimal and I was no longer learning. I want to explore new challenges and find a company where I can continuously learn and grow my career.”

8. Tell Me What Negative Things Would Co-workers Say About You?

This is a tricky one. Always attribute the negatives to a few and not the entire group. “I guess some may think I can be too passionate and a bit defensive when it comes to a project I’m working on”. And maybe that’s true from their perspective. In general I get along with my co-workers, clients and vendors. We don’t always agree but we can work together to get the job done.”

9. Tell Me What Is The Interview Process Like At Icici Bank Ltd?

Depends on position

10. Name a conflict you had with a coworker or manager and how did you handle it?

• It is ok to have conflict but make sure you resolve it peacefully. Give an example of conflict and how you resolved it.

11. Why do you want to be a relationship manager?

• Say you have excellent communication skills which will allow you to work well in a team.
• Mention you enjoy coaching and mentoring others.
• State you are very goal-oriented and will enjoy the challenge of meeting sales goals.
• Say you enjoy talking to customers and promoting ICICIs products.

12. How would you motivate your team?

Say you would take the time to communicate with each team member and listen to what they have to say so you can learn how to make their job better. If you don’t communicate with each team member they will feel like you don’t care and therefore they will not feel motivated.
• State you feel money is not a great motivator and you always take time to recognize a job well done.

13. Why should we hire you as our relationship manager?

If you have related work experience now it the time to mention it.
• Talk about past sales targets you have met or exceeded.
• Mention how you have successfully managed sales teams.
• State any banking experience you may have.
• Discuss your MBA and how it helps in this role.

14. How to improve the profitability of the bank?

• Your job is sales so don’t be surprised if you get this question. I would also advise not to get too creative when answering with your response.
• The job description talks about cross-selling products such as mutual funds, CASA, credit cards, FD, General Insurance etc to customers and thus leverage strong relationship and bonding.

15. Why do you want to be a sales officer?

To answer this question you need to relate your skills to the skills required to be a sale officer as identified in the job description.
For example,
• Say you have excellent listening skills which will help when identifying sales prospects.
• Mention you are goal-oriented which will allow you to achieve monthly sales targets, assigned to you for various products and services.
• Finally state you pay great attention to detail and will follow the various internal guidelines and procedures of the bank.

16. Why should we hire you as our Sales officer?

• What is key when answering this question is what sets you apart from others.
• Odds are you are competing against other freshers with little work experience. So if you have experience in sales or customer service experience now is the time to mention it.

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